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You are not purchasing the image or its copyright. You are purchasing a license to use the image as agreed. The fee depends on how the image is utilised and calculated on the print run, image size, territories (country), whether exclusive or non exclusive use is required. The invoice will stipulate the usage terms and conditions and no deviation from this licence will be permitted. We rely on the good faith of our clients' and the information supplied. We charge for additional uses that are not part of the license agreed.


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Image Misuse.

It is not the responsibility of Nick Walker/SPL to check whether or not the use of an image(s) contravenes copyright, privacy, publicity or any other laws(s) resulting from misuse an image(s) whether digital or analogue images, including prints.


Even though every effort is made to ensure content accuracy we are unable to guarantee complete accuracy of the material on this site including metadata (file info).

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